Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Newest item up is a pair of jodhpurs made by an indie Canadian label. You may remember me blogging about these as I was so enamored with them (the posts no longer exist in case you were wondering). However, they came in an entirely different colour than the photos. So beware, as they are pictured as dark grey in the stock and runway photos (via here, here, and here), but the pair I received are actually light blue, like a light denim wash (see the bottom picture of the jodhpurs for the true colour - you can click to enlarge for detail). I know this is not the end of the world, but I've never been a light denim wash sort of gal. Also, the ribbed cuffs on the bottom are slightly imperfect, as one is sewn on looser than the other (notice how the ribbing is sewn on more stretched out on the left in the 2nd last photo). This might not bother you as much as it did me, as the tighter cuff happened to be on the leg that is injured and swollen (and you won't be paying such a high price either).

Anyway, these new and unworn oversized jodhpurs are one size fits most (ie. medium-ish) with an elasticized waistband which stretches from 33-42" and closes with a zipper fly and grey button. The jodhpur style hips are 55" at their widest. The grey ribbing used at the waistband and leg cuffs are made of organic cotton. The main fabric is an organic stretch twill dyed with low-impact dyes. There is also grey/silver reflective piping used down the side seams of the legs and at the pockets, making you visible during your leisurely night bike rides (you can see them glowing in the first 2 photos I took).