Monday, January 31, 2011

Cobweb scarf by Las Lopez - SOLD

This is one of Argentinian label Las Lopez's great oversized cobweb scarves. I wore this a few times last winter but haven't this year, so I thought someone else should have it. I did have to mend a couple of places where the different knit tubes meet, but that's not very noticeable. Also, the scarf does show a slight bit of wear as any knit does (ie. getting that slight fuzzy look as small fibres come loose), but the striking design is what makes this scarf a must have.


Tara Vao Wool Jacket and Skirt Set - SOLD

This listing is for a two piece outfit (pieces shown separately in first row, and together in third row), though I will consider splitting it up if so desired. This was given to me last winter by someone who had been given it and thought it would suit me better. I was planning on wearing the super cute skirt this winter, but now I'm too small for it. It comes from a pricey little boutique by my house that I've never been to (it caters to a slightly older crowd), so I had to do a little research on this label, being Tara Vao (or Va@?). And apparently it's a French (?) plus-sized label (though these pieces are made in Indonesia) that is popular (?) in Australia and New Zealand. The skirt is tagged as a size L, and I think that it's either that or an XL, though the belt loops (and layering it over some leggings) could help if it's only a tad too big. The top/jacket is also a size L, but looks good oversized with its asymmetrical cut and whatnot. Anyway, both the top/jacket and the skirt have asymmetrical hemlines, have pockets, are done up with fabric buttons, and are made of 100% boiled wool and a polyester accent fabric that reminds me of a fancy cushion I once knew. The puffy collar isn't for the shy, but it reminds me of Junya Watanbe/CdG. I had a hard time taking good pictures of this, so let me know if you want more images. I did find the skirt listed here if you want a better idea of the skirt and fabric in general.


Baroness Crochet Petticoat Skirt by Bonzie - SOLD

This is a lovely OOAK skirt from Bonzie. It features a plaid cotton with a touch of sparkle on the bottom, and a chocolate brown crocheted layer on the top. The skirt is gathered at three points with vintage metal buttons and a leatherette strap to give it a bohemian/romantic flair. With the elastic waistband, roomy hips, and below the knee to mid-calf length, this piece is very easy to wear. The waistband is about 15" wide unstretched, and it easily stretches to about 19" wide.

I have worn this piece a few times, but it is in mint condition.