Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning

So, I haven't posted anything new just yet, but I'm in the process of unpacking, which I'm assuming/hoping will result in a pile of things I've decided it's time to part with. Until then, I've dropped the prices of the new or gently used pieces that were already posted. The photos in the listings are taken with my dressform set at my measurements (36.5"-31"-39.5"), as well as some photos from the original listings. Here are the rules:

1) As Canada Post keeps increasing their prices, the flat shipping fee is set at $15. This fee applies regardless of where you live or how many pieces you buy at one time. If the shipping costs less than this, I will refund the difference.

2) For each additional listing you buy, I will take $5 off the total price.

3) If you're a repeat customer, I will take $5 off the total price.

4) Email me or leave a comment on the listing you want me to reserve for you, and let me know which email you have registered with Paypal so I can send you an invoice. Payment is due within three days of that email, or the listing will be taken off reserve and will be available for sale again.

Happy shopping!

Long-sleeved Babydoll top by LoH

This very cute OOAK long-sleeved babydoll top is from DiY queen, Label of Hope. It features a rather low and wide neckline which may require wearing a tank top underneath, such as Hope is in her photos (see my photo below to see it without the tank top, and with wrinkles). It's made of various stretch cottons, and is a size S/M. 

I wore this top once or twice, and it is in mint condition. The 'white' in the white and red striped fabric looks more off-white than I remember, but it has been properly stored for the two years it's been in my closet (so it might just be my memory that's wrong). 

The listing price is $10. 

'London Calling' dress by Lorimarsha


This gorgeous 'London Calling' by previous Etsyian Lorimarsha dress is basically a size medium, but is large in the bust because of the structured corset top. You could either take it in if you want it fitted, or style it up/down with a cute vintage slip or tattered tee underneath. Please see the original Etsy listing for full pictures and Lori's description of this gorgeous gorgeous recycled piece. Did I mention that it's gorgeous?

The listing price is $40.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Cobweb scarf by Las Lopez - SOLD

This is one of Argentinian label Las Lopez's great oversized cobweb scarves. I wore this a few times last winter but haven't this year, so I thought someone else should have it. I did have to mend a couple of places where the different knit tubes meet, but that's not very noticeable. Also, the scarf does show a slight bit of wear as any knit does (ie. getting that slight fuzzy look as small fibres come loose), but the striking design is what makes this scarf a must have.


Tara Vao Wool Jacket and Skirt Set - SOLD

This listing is for a two piece outfit (pieces shown separately in first row, and together in third row), though I will consider splitting it up if so desired. This was given to me last winter by someone who had been given it and thought it would suit me better. I was planning on wearing the super cute skirt this winter, but now I'm too small for it. It comes from a pricey little boutique by my house that I've never been to (it caters to a slightly older crowd), so I had to do a little research on this label, being Tara Vao (or Va@?). And apparently it's a French (?) plus-sized label (though these pieces are made in Indonesia) that is popular (?) in Australia and New Zealand. The skirt is tagged as a size L, and I think that it's either that or an XL, though the belt loops (and layering it over some leggings) could help if it's only a tad too big. The top/jacket is also a size L, but looks good oversized with its asymmetrical cut and whatnot. Anyway, both the top/jacket and the skirt have asymmetrical hemlines, have pockets, are done up with fabric buttons, and are made of 100% boiled wool and a polyester accent fabric that reminds me of a fancy cushion I once knew. The puffy collar isn't for the shy, but it reminds me of Junya Watanbe/CdG. I had a hard time taking good pictures of this, so let me know if you want more images. I did find the skirt listed here if you want a better idea of the skirt and fabric in general.


Baroness Crochet Petticoat Skirt by Bonzie - SOLD

This is a lovely OOAK skirt from Bonzie. It features a plaid cotton with a touch of sparkle on the bottom, and a chocolate brown crocheted layer on the top. The skirt is gathered at three points with vintage metal buttons and a leatherette strap to give it a bohemian/romantic flair. With the elastic waistband, roomy hips, and below the knee to mid-calf length, this piece is very easy to wear. The waistband is about 15" wide unstretched, and it easily stretches to about 19" wide.

I have worn this piece a few times, but it is in mint condition.