Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning

So, I haven't posted anything new just yet, but I'm in the process of unpacking, which I'm assuming/hoping will result in a pile of things I've decided it's time to part with. Until then, I've dropped the prices of the new or gently used pieces that were already posted. The photos in the listings are taken with my dressform set at my measurements (36.5"-31"-39.5"), as well as some photos from the original listings. Here are the rules:

1) As Canada Post keeps increasing their prices, the flat shipping fee is set at $15. This fee applies regardless of where you live or how many pieces you buy at one time. If the shipping costs less than this, I will refund the difference.

2) For each additional listing you buy, I will take $5 off the total price.

3) If you're a repeat customer, I will take $5 off the total price.

4) Email me or leave a comment on the listing you want me to reserve for you, and let me know which email you have registered with Paypal so I can send you an invoice. Payment is due within three days of that email, or the listing will be taken off reserve and will be available for sale again.

Happy shopping!

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