Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My first listing will be a gorgeous retro-print, pin-up inspired dress from Genevieve Dietz.
  • The fabrics used are vintage.
  • The collar is super fun and dramatic and can be worn buttoned up with a handmade ceramic button, or left open.
  • Genevieve lengthened the dress for me from knee-length to just below by adding the same yellow vintage lace used in the bodice as a ruffle at the bottom. This could be removed if you wanted, I'm sure.
  • The dress fits me perfectly (and looks damn good!), with my measurements of 37" bust, 31" waist, and 40" hip. There's more room in the hip area if needed because of the A-line skirt.
  • There are a couple of details that add to the handmade charm of this piece: first, the buttons are attached to only one layer of the green print fabric. It's quite possible that the buttons could rip through this layer with wear. I'd suggest reinforcing it. And second, the side zipper was not fully finished. So I'd either tuck in the ends when wearing, or finish off the zipper with a quick hand/machine sewing fix.
  • This dress has never been worn.
Please view the original Etsy listing for full pictures. You may notice the hat on the model - I did get this with the dress. However, it was made more for the photoshoot than for actually wearing. I will include the hat with the dress if you'd like. You could at least use it for extra fabric to reinforce the single layer the buttons are sewn onto.


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