Tuesday, November 23, 2010

End of 2010, Canvas Carapace by hier apparel - SOLD

This gorgeous pull-on elvish/organic piece by Etsyian hier apparel is one of two in existence. It is made of a charcoal grey canvas and a steel blue canvas shaped around your throat and neck, and features cap sleeves and raw edges. It's cropped just over your bust, arching down along your ribcage to underneath your arms. There is also a handmade terracotta- and green-coloured clay pendant sewn on (placed over the Vishuddha Chakra) that could be removed if wanted. This could definitely be a great piece for a costume, but could also be beautifully styled for everyday wear if you have the imagination. It was custom made to my measurements, so please inquire if further information is needed.


For more info on my End of 2010 listings, please read the explanatory post here.

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